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Jenny *1910 2006
"A film ", a 4 hours and 53 minutes long video piece consisting of a TV monitor situated inside a cardboard box (made out of moving boxes) with the measurement 165x57x56 cm. In “A film” dates with texts succeed each other in chronological order. The piece originates from the project "Jenny *19102006 - an art project with its starting point in an estate of a deceased" (see www.dodsbo.com), a collaboration with Nanna de Wilde and Kristina Stark. The pictures here show the piece in the exhibition "Jenny *19102006" at Studio44. (Background: Nanna de Wilde's piece "To come near your soul", foreground: detail from Kristina Stark's piece "And so on".) In this piece I have started off from an unknown person's left belongings. Dated letters, notes and souvenirs found in an estate of a deceased have been my material source when I have worked with this "timeline" in videoformat. To see further pieces and the publication in the exhibition click here. Translation of the text in the picture below: "July 25th 1968 She does her laundry".
en film close